What is an input (video) language?

Input (Video) language is the language your input video is in

What is an output (translation) language?

Output (Translation) language is the language you want your video translated into

What is an output (dub) voice?

Output (Dub) voice is a gender specific voice that user can choose from for their output language. Please note while most of our output languages support both Male and Female voices, some languages may only support either. In such cases, output will be generated with only the voice (gender) supported, irrespective of user choice.

How long is the video translation processing time?

Video translation process generally takes between half to full length duration of the original video (ie. For a 1 minute video, it would usually take between 30 seconds to 1 minute to translate). However, depending on various other factors (like internet speed, geographical location, video quality, video length, etc) video translation processing time may vary!

How does deductions for time limit work?

Deductions work based on’time length of input video’ and ‘total number of output (translated) languages’, occurring in the sequence of priority: Subscription, Free and Add-On Limits.

What are some of User Recommendations for using this App?
  1. Translation performance is better for single speaker videos (when compared to multi-speaker videos)
  2. Translation performance is better for videos having single spoken language (when compared to videos having two or more spoken languages)
  3. We’re still far away from supporting Song Translation. We recommend users to currently avoid it.
Which factors influence translation performance of this App?

Translation performance varies based on:

  • Quality of the video
  • Clarity of speaker voice
  • Speaker Accent
  • Number of speakers in the video (works best for single speaker)
  • Number of spoken languages in the video (works best for single language)
  • Input (speaker) language
  • Output (translated) language
How Do I earn more Free Limit?

For earning additional free minutes, please follow our ‘Refer & Earn’ Program.


How It Works?

  1. Go to ‘My Profile -> Refer & Earn’ 
  2. Click on ‘Send Invite’ to Invite Your Friends to Panini Translate App
  3. Once they Sign-Up using this Referral Link*, Your Friend Earns 30 Free Minutes** whereas you Earn 10 Free Minutes*** of Video Translation


* Sign-ups without Referral Link won’t give you 10 Free Minutes.

** You should Sign-Up using a device that hasn’t been used to Sing-Up on the Panini Translate App before

*** You can keep earning 10 Free Minutes for upto 10 Successful Referrals (ie. 100 Free Minutes for 10 Successful Referrals)

How 'Refer & Earn' works?
  • User can earn free minutes for first successful sign in on a given device
  • User can then earn more free mins for up to 10 successful referrals each
  • User can continue sharing rewards-free invite after reward limit is reached
How does Video Sharing work?

Translated Video can be shared in two different ways:

  1. External (Web) Sharing : For external sharing the translated video (single language at a time), available for direct viewing on the Web Browser, Social Media, Messaging Platforms, etc.
  2. Faster (App) Sharing : For speed sharing the translated video (all languages at once), available for direct viewing on the Panini Translate App.
How to create a Support Request?

Users can create a Support request from under ‘My Profile -> Support’ section using their email id. We generally get back with a response within 2 to 3 business days. Status of these Tickets can be tracked on the App itself, while Users are further recommended to access their email inboxes for detailed communication! Tickets can have either one of the following four Statuses :

  1. Received – This means your ticket was successfully created and received for review by our support team
  2. Under Review – This means your ticket is currently being reviewed by our support team
  3. Responded – This means our support team has reviewed your ticket and has replied directly to your email
  4. Closed – This means your ticket is now closed
Does the Basic (Monthly) Subscription plan provide 1 hour of usage over a single day or for the entire month?

With our Basic (Monthly) Subscription plan, you get a total of 60 minutes (ie. 1 hour) for video translation. This allocation spans over 30 days (ie. 1 month) from the date of your subscription, rather than being a daily limit. If you find that you need additional minutes beyond this, you’re welcome to explore our Add-on plans to top up your usage. Additionally for more plans, you can also write to us from ‘My Profile -> Purchase -> Subscription -> For additional plans, write to us here’.

How much are your yearly plans for?

In order for us to assist you effectively, kindly share your requirements with us. Please note that we primarily offer annual plans for bulk usage (20 hours or more) due to their nature. You can write to us from ‘My Profile -> Purchase -> Subscription -> For additional plans, write to us here’.

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