HomeLatest Update: Panini Translate introduces the Download feature for dubbed videos.InformationLatest Update: Panini Translate introduces the Download feature for dubbed videos.

Latest Update: Panini Translate introduces the Download feature for dubbed videos.

The Wait is Now Over…

With the latest update, the app is set to elevate your multilingual experience with the introduction of the highly anticipated ‘Download ⬇️’ feature.

To enhance user’s delight, Panini Translate App introduces the Download option for users who value flexibility and convenience. Once you’ve dubbed a video, the Download option allows you to save the dubbed version directly to your device gallery.
Now, users can enjoy the dubbed videos offline and on the go, without worrying about the internet connection, use it for personal use or just post on social media and share it with friends on messaging apps.

How to Access the Download Feature

Using the Download feature in Panini Translate App is as simple as the translation process itself.

Step 1 : After dubbing a video, share the video (from top right corner of the video player or share it from the video library).


Step 2 :  Choose the download option from the list of sharing options (share as a web link or download).


Step 3 :  Choose your preferences (like subtitles Yes/No and background audio Yes/No), and then proceed to download.


The download request gets processed for a while and you get notified when the dubbed video file is finally ready to download.

Step 4 : Once it’s ready for download, tap on ‘Download ⬇️ ’ from the notification center of your device or within the ‘Notifications’ tab in the Panini Translate App. The dubbed video gets saved in your device gallery, ready to be accessed whenever and wherever you desire.


Panini Translate App’s new Download feature is a testament to its commitment to user satisfaction and convenience. Break free from the constraints of internet connectivity, choose your dubbed language, tailor the experience with subtitles and background audio, and seamlessly share your content with the world.